We are transport company that has existed on the market since 1991.

Our main focus is on clients from the Silesian region. Our company provides domestic and international transport of goods in vehicles having a load capacity from 1,2 to 24 tones.

Our services most often covers the following directions of transportation: Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany and The Czech Republic. We also provide specialist transport service with refrigerating units within the territory of the country with a load capacity of 6 tones. The most important thing for us is the good interest of our clients. Thanks to the diversity of means of transportation and long-term experience, we are able to meet different needs regarding the transport of goods.

In order to increase the safety of transported goods, our vehicles are equipped with a GPS satellite control system. It allows for the fast and precise localization of transport at any given moment.

Please contact our office, where a nice and professional staff is always happy to give you detailed information about the transport of goods.

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